DEVO: Vancouver's youth racing program

Welcome to DEVO, the youth-development team of Escape Velocity. DEVO stands for development and Escape Velocity. The goal of the program is to provide members of all cycling abilities with a full spectrum of rider education both on and off the bike.

Since its inception in 1999, DEVO has grown into one of Canada’s premiere youth development cycling programs. It has fostered athlete development from complete beginners up to national champions racing professionally. DEVO serves a fundamental role in rider education, providing a positive and fun team atmosphere for riders to develop not only bike skills and fitness, but also the mental skills and abilities to persevere through challenges, be part of a team, and realize both personal and team goals.

Vision 2020

In 2012, DEVO underwent a full program review resulting in “Vision 2020”. Vision 2020 represents a developmentally appropriate program structure for riders between the ages of 10 and 18. Once fully implemented at all levels, Vision 2020 will lead to a financially and organizationally sustainable rider recruitment and retention model that provides riders with the opportunity to reach their full personal potential both on and off the bike. To reach this model, the DEVO race program relies on a community of support consisting of parents, Escape Velocity members, other local clubs in Greater Vancouver, Cycling BC, the Provincial Government of BC, and Cycling Canada. Under Vision 2020 we strive to be an athlete-centered, coach-guided, parent-supported and community-minded club!

About program director and head coach Andrew Pinfold

Andrew joined DEVO in mid-2012 and was instrumental in completing the program review and implementation plan for Vision 2012. Prior to coaching with DEVO Andrew was a role model within the Canadian pro-ranks for managing his racing career, educational goals, and family life. He was a four time member of the Canadian National team and raced around the world with professional cycling teams including Symmetrics, OUCH Pro Cycling and United Healthcare. Known for his sprinting ability, “Pinner” was also renowned as a selfless racer who worked hard to ensure the team's overall success in races. His educational achievements include earning a Master’s degree in Medical Geography from the University of Victoria. Contact links.

About EV President Brian Storey

Brian joined Escape Velocity (EV) in 1999 after retiring from from the Canadian Sailing Team. With Olympic experience and international competitions behind him, the new challenge was learning to bike race in his late twenties. He chose Escape Velocity because it was, and remains to this day, the only cycling club in Greater Vancouver that acts as a guardian club for developing junior racers. Like head coach Andrew, Brian is a believer in the power of combining sport and education and holds a doctorate in education along with his prior degrees in human kinetics and psychology. He currently works as Chair of the Sport Science department at Douglas College. Contact links.