WTNC is moving

So, we knew it would happen eventually, and here it is: we just got news that as of today, substantial construction started on the roads we use around Thunderbird Stadium at UBC. Because of this, WTNC will not be using that course until further notice.

Where are we going? We have our heart set on a course in Burnaby, not far from Boundary and Marine. We don't want to say more right now, simply because while the process of getting permission to use the course is going well, it's not over yet. If that falls through, we have alternate plans.

When are we moving? As soon as possible. The June 4 race is TBA; it is unlikely we will have a new course permit finalized at that point. We are cautiously optimistic that the June 11 race will run.

Further news as events warrant. For now, you can follow @EVcycling not just for weather updates, but also for permit updates. We'll also update this site and our Facebook pages as we have more news.

Thanks for your patience. Normal Tuesday Nighter service will resume as soon as possible.

EV + Your Club = ♥

This year, several clubs have stepped up and become partners in running races and supporters of our dEVo program. Let's explain why this happens, and how it works, and how your team or club can get in on the fun.

Why team up with EV?

For the last several years, we noticed that road races have dwindled off the calendar one at a time, or worse yet, got scheduled with the best of intentions only to be cancelled. There were plenty of reasons for this: races can be expensive to run, the traffic-management requirements have increased enormously, and being a race organizer requires considerable expertise. Running a race was risky (in more ways than one) and it was hard to know where to start.

Sportif and Women's Camp news!

click for full poster with textRegistration for the three Sportif races for June and July is open. Sign-up links are on the Sportif Series page. We're also looking for host clubs or teams for our planned August events. If you are a team or club that would like to give back to the sport by hosting a race, we can help. You provide the day-of volunteers, and we do the rest. Details and who to contact are also on the Sportif Page.

And in other news, our excellent Young Women's Cycling Camp is back! Open to women from 16-25, this is a structured, multi-disciplinary intro to road cycling. If you want to learn how the sport works and jump-start your cycling skills, this is for you.

The four-week program happens on Monday and Wednesday evenings, starting July 15. Complete details and online registration are here.

Todd's Steps Up

EV presents a very special message from our friends at Todd's

On behalf of its members and sponsors, Todd’s Racing is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the Aldergrove East Road Race on July 28th, 2013. This will be the fifth event in Escape Velocity’s new Sportif Series throughout the late-spring and summer months.

We are more than happy to take advantage of this opportunity to support local racing and help to further build on the immense work of Escape Velocity in ensuring the continued growth of our beloved sport in the lower mainland. We hope to see as many familiar and new participants out as possible for this event on an exciting new course!

The Sportif Series events are a great way to gain experience riding fast in a pack, provide an introduction to racing and excellent preparation for Gran Fondo rides later in the year.

WTNC - how not to race crits

Last night we saw a sporting debacle of the first order. But enough about the Canucks.

(photo by Keith Ng)

You've all met Galen, right? He's not the guy who got most hurt in last night's crashy festivities, and his bike wasn't the most wrecked, either.

Right now, field sizes at the WTNC are big. Over 50 in the 1/2, 3, and 4 fields. We are looking at ways to reduce them, but on the other hand, we wouldn't start the race if we didn't think such a field was safely doable on that course. And the worst crash last night didn't happen on one of the technical corners, it happened on the widest, least technical corner on the course. So it's not really the course, and it's not really the field size.

The problem may be you. Let's do some learning.

The WTNC is not an actual World Championship

Please ride it accordingly, and with respect for your fellow riders. With precious few exceptions, you all have to go to work in the morning, and most of you need intact bones to do so.