SS Stage Race: revised Saturday start times!

So, we did some figuring, and we're announcing a last-minute change to the start times for the crit and TT events on Saturday. This will make your life a bit more pleasant, and your day a bit shorter, but do pay attention so you're not in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The crit start times are all 30 minutes later. So the Youth race starts at 9:30, C/Novice at 10:00, B at 11:00, and A at 12:00.

The TT times are all 1 hour earlier! So the first TT start is 3:00 pm.

Other details are the same, the website is now updated, and sign-on opens one hour before the first start at each event.

The Sunday road race is unchanged. We didn't want to touch it, because quite frankly, Snake scares us.

(And for the person who asked, the C crit is 40 minutes long, not 35 minutes. We regret the contradictory info).

Junior Category this Saturday AND SUNDAY

We've been a little too low-key about publicizing this, but there WILL be junior categories on Saturday at the Wix Brown Spring Series race. UPDATE: junior race on Sunday too! You know, for kids!

We will set fields based on the number of entries we have, but if we get enough entries, we will split out U19, U17, U15, and U13 fields. Distances TBA, but they will be age-appropriate.

Racing starts on the novice schedule: after the C race ends, approximately 12:30. Usual Junior pricing: $20.

Junior gearing (7.93m rollout, nominal 52x14) will not be enforced, but is strongly encouraged. If you are riding a bike with non-junior gears, we encourage you to block them out with a limit screw or just refrain from shifting into them.

If you have any questions, contact, and we'll see you there.

The EV Winners Jersey: Winners Only

For 2013, we've decided to make winning one of our races just a little more sweet. How do we do that? With a winner's jersey.

In select Spring Series and Sportif races this year, and for the Junior Stage Race and as the WTNC overall prize, we will be awarding a new and soon-to-be-coveted Orange Jersey to the juiciest rider. By which we mean the race winner. This isn't some judge's prize, or silly combativity award for Most Useless Breakaway. IT'S FOR WINNERS! SECOND GETS NOTHING! Well, except the prizes for second place, which are sometimes pretty good.

Without further ado, the Orange Jersey design:

If you get one, it's because you earned it. Wear it with pride.

Spring Series #1 and more!

This was a triumph.

The first 2013 Spring Series race was a complete success, with nearly 70 starters in the C group, 50 in the B, and 40 in the A group. We have what you need: Race Results. It truly was The Mother of All Training Races.

They're not in the results yet, so we want to call out the performances of the top women finishers on the day: Jenny Lehman and EV's Claire Cameron were tops in a strong B group, while EV's Dr. Ms. Meghan Grant prevailed as top of the C women, defeating the doughty and diminuitive Maggie Coles-Lyster.

Spring Series: Late-breaking news

It's that time of year, the time when we're in a panicky scramble to get everything ready for the first race of Spring Series. And soon, you can panic too!

1. We had 56 pre-registrants, a bold new record. You folks are great! For day-of registrants, we need to warn you: we have a soft field limit of 50 riders in each category (we can push that for this race, but only a little), so we want to get everyone signed up as early as possible so we can sort out sensible field sizes.

2. We're going to open the registration table early on Sunday. Stuart says 8:30 early, I'll believe that when I see that. We'd like you to get there early because if we hit the field limit, then first-come first serve. We also want you to register early so we can start the races (especially the A group) on time. To that end, print out and fill out the waiver, latest version here (we just updated this) and, if you haven't pre-registered, the Sign-up form, too (also new).