2015 World Tuesday Night Championships

WTNC: Where is it?
We're starting in the last week of April and alternating between the new Glenlyon (Burnaby) and the classic UBC courses, as we did last year.

The WTNC policies and race book are here. Follow @evcycling on Twitter for the latest updates.

Racing still $10 super cheap. Use your bib and chip from Spring Series if you have one, otherwise bib fee: $10. Season Pass option coming soon.

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(does it look like it's raining? If so, no racing)
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The World Tuesday Night Championships are alternating week-to-week between Glenlyon Business Park in Burnaby, and the UBC Short course.

Date Course
April 28 Glenlyon
May 5 UBC
May 12 Glenlyon
May 19 UBC
May 26 Glenlyon
June 2 UBC
June 9 Glenlyon
June 16 UBC
June 23 Glenlyon
June 30 UBC
July 7 Glenlyon
July 14 No Race (Superweek)
July 21 UBC
July 28 Glenlyon
August 4 UBC
August 11 Glenlyon
August 18 UBC
August 25 Glenlyon
September 1 UBC

If it is RAINING then the WTNC races are not on. If it's butty, sunny, windy, or somewhere in between, then WTNC are held. Sign-on starts at 6:00 PM, first race at 6:30 PM. To speed up first-night registration, please download, print, and sign a Waiver (coming soon)

, and have it ready for our sign-on team. The sooner you get your number, the sooner you can start racing. We will also announce pricing soon...

And finally, no proof of Cycling BC license, no racing for you...

The Details:

The WTNC Facts, Figures and Policies page has the race and fee schedule, race policies and contact info for the organizers. But we want to emphasize a new policy: zero tolerance and cruel penalties for littering and not using designated washrooms.

On the Glenlyon course, the designated washrooms in Foreshore Park (map here) are about 1 km away from the start/finish, causing certain temptations. But you must not succumb, and we will make it easy for you, with strong incentives.

ZERO TOLERANCE ON NOT USING WASHROOMS: if we see you peeing in public anywhere within the vicinity of the race, you are banned from WTNC for the remainder of 2015. Your number will be stripped, you will not get a refund, and we will put your name and the reason you can't race on the results form. We will enforce this policy on all racers and volunteers without exception, members of EV most definitely included. Are we serious about this? Don't be the person who first finds out how serious.

NO LITTERING: If you are caught leaving trash on the course, you will be disqualified for that night. Second offence, banned for 2015. Don't toss your gel wrapper on the ground, don't leave your water bottles behind, pick up dropped safety pins.

The Course:

The traditional UBC "short course" available once more, but we also like the Glenlyon Business Park in Burnaby, so let's do both!

Glenlyon is a flat industrial-park crit, with wide roads, safe corners, and a ridiculously pretty setting. Yes, we know, industrial-park crits are a cliche, but this is about the nicest industrial-park crit you'll ever see.

Glenlyon Tuesday Nighter route map

UBC Short is the classic we've grown to love, a technical course with a soul-grinding climb on every lap. New for this year is a roundabout that slightly changes the turn from East Mall onto West 16th:

UBC Short Tuesday Nighter route map

The schedule will start at Glenlyon on April 29, then alternate between UBC and Glenlyon each week, taking a break to make room for Superweek. Racing wraps back at Glenlyon on August 26:

Some History

The Tuesday Night Series has been a staple of the road racing scene in Vancouver since the early 1980s.

Started by a club riding out of Cicli Forsa in the West End, its first incarnation was a simple route out at the University of B.C., 2km up and down either side of 16th Avenue.

After a couple of seasons, the race was moved a few blocks closer to the campus and a given new configuration.

Escape Velocity has continued the tradition of running these races and turned it into a genuine race series, with points tallied through the season to determine an overall series winner. The UBC 1.6 km "short" course was continuously used for well over a decade, until construction in 2013 moved us to Burnaby.

Despite the fact that these races are designed to be simply training events, the level of competition has always been high. For many people, nothing is more important in their racing lives than doing well at the Tuesday Nighters. Its when their parents, friends and spouses come out to watch them race. Because of this fanatical need to succeed the event has long been known as the "World Tuesday Night Championships" (we couldn't use Tuesday Night World Championships due to UCI issues....).
On warm summer evenings, we can get close to 200 racers putting it all
on the line for the best part of an hour. The reasons for such a
healthy turnout are many:

  • the course is close to where people live: most can ride there in half an hour from their homes or their workplaces
  • it's cheap.

    and furthermore, you can purchase a season pass (see above), which allows entry to all the Tuesday Nighters at a further discount. And you don't have to fiddle with change.

  • we have prizes galore from our sponsors who see this event as the heart of road racing in B.C.
  • it's well organized - races start on time (within reason), the roads are properly marshalled, the course is beautiful

So come out to the friendliest, most competitive, best attended road racing in Western Canada.

Racing happens every DRY Tuesday (rain = no race) April 29-August 26 inclusive, from 6.30pm until 8.30pm.

See you there.