Spring Series: March 4-5 races cancelled due to snow

  • Posted on: 3 March 2017
  • By: rcousine

This is not a repeat from last week. 

Or rather, horribly, it is.

Due to a forecast of snow for both Saturday and Sunday, we are cancelling the races this weekend (March 4 & 5). We expect to finally kick off the Spring Series with a Spring Classic, at the new Bradner Long course, on March 11.

Riders who were registered for races this weekend or last weekend, who have not made other arrangements, will get an automatic entry into the race on the same day of the week (Saturday registrants will be entered into next Saturday's race; Sunday registrants get the Sunday race). If that doesn't suit, you can ask us for a coupon code, or for a refund ($5 service charge for refunds).

We have only had to cancel races a few times in the last decade due to weather, but these are extraordinary times we live in. To recap, here's our weather policy for Spring Series:

Spring Series: this weekend cancelled

  • Posted on: 24 February 2017
  • By: rcousine

Well, shoot.

Due to very poor weather forecasts, including snow, for both race days this weekend, we are cancelling both races. The Spring Series will begin properly next weekend, March 4 at River Road, and March 5 at Murchie West. 

Rain Cheques

If you pre-registered for this race, we will automatically re-enter you for the same day next weekend (eg a Saturday race entry will be good for next Saturday, a Sunday entry for next Sunday). You can change that to a coupon code to apply your entry fee to another Spring Series or Classic race, by contacting us. If you require a refund, we can do that too, but there's a $5 administrative charge.

Learn to Race, first course: Feb. 19!

  • Posted on: 13 February 2017
  • By: rcousine

We here at Escape Velocity get a lot of questions. Why is your team kit so cool? Why are the Devos so fast? What is that smell coming from your trailer?

But our favorite question is "how do I learn to race bikes?"

The answer is simple: you take the Learn to Race course!

We offer the LTR at the Spring Series, but if you don't want to miss a single race, register for next Sunday's Learn to Race: a 4-hour session starting at 11am in Richmond covering both LTR 1 skills and practice along with LTR 2 evaluation.

You'll be ready to race, fondo, or group ride once you have learned the essentials from Coach Barb, an experienced racer who has won World, Nationals and Provincial championships.
The weather is looking fine, so register now, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!