Bike Races, we've got Bike Races

And with the Spring Series Classics over, EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics transitions directly into...more racing!

Stage Race

This year, it's not part of the Spring Series, it's May 9-10, and the crit is fully paved. The DEVO Stage Race starts with a Saturday AM crit and PM TT, then a Sunday road race. Super cheap for 3 races, and you get to use your Spring Series bib/chip again (really, it's not the "Spring Series" bib and chip, it's the EVERYTHING bib and chip), and you can Register online now

A very special announcement

Escape Velocity, the club behind such racing innovations as the never-popular Sportif Series and the gravel crit,
would like to announce that, in response to no riders' requests, this Saturday's Thunderbird Gong Show Road Race will use the new counter-anti-clockwise format (alternating between clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.)

Race Director Stuart Lynne said, "counter-anti-clockwise race is the wave of the future. This is only even possible in an era with live chip timing, and online race results. It allows us great flexibility to set the riders loose and figure out the winner later."

Race Other-Duties-as-Neededor Ryan Cousineau said, "this is a format whose time has come. Road racing is barely organized chaos at times, and anti-counter-clockwise is a step in removing the 'barely organized' part of the formula."

Volunteer Co-ordinator Wilson Tran has signed up additional volunteers to ensure that there will be enough marshals to guide lost or confused riders back onto the course in a timely manner.

Spring Series update: groups and stuff

The Spring Series turnout this year has been amazing. We've seen great racing and we're honoured that so many of you come out to our races. We're very happy to see the local bike racing scene alive and well. However, our success has caused us some problems; they're the good kind of problems, but we still need to fix them. The short version: pre-registration recommended; we might re-seed you; ride better.

Race Groups and Re-Seeding

We started the season with three ability groups: A, B, C. Then we got about 70 registrants for C, uh oh.

In some races, our permit only allows us 50 riders per field, and three fields on the road. At all races, a 50-rider field limit is a good idea. So we have added a D group. And we are starting to aggressively re-seed riders from three groups into four. We do this by looking at the chip times and seeing whether a rider finished with the bunch, or how soon they were dropped. We also make a note of riders where we know a crash or mechanical was responsible for an early exit (so if that happens to you, please report to the finish line to ensure your issue is noted).

A brief note, we have a D group!

The Spring Series proceeds apace. All fields are filling, and we've got a partial fix for that.

Update: with pre-registration closed, we have about 140 pre-registered riders in all classes. We expect the B group to be very tight. If you are a borderline A or C, anticipate being pushed into those groups. We estimate day-of racers will be about 170, based on what we saw last week.

D Class

This isn't a "novice race" per se. If you haven't raced or done our Learn to Race program, you are expected to do so. The D race is for slower Cat 4s, the main non-elite women's field (any Cat 3/4 woman is welcome), and (in most cases) Citizen-licensed riders. It will start at 12:10 pm on race days, and you can sign up for it just like the A/B/C races. We will in some cases recommend that (or, you know, force) riders enter the D group instead of stay in C, for reasons of competition quality and field size. Please anticipate this. Races will be close to the distance of the C group, maybe slightly less.

Spring Series, last minute important notes

Whoa, you people are just crazy, CRAZY for March racing! We need to sort out a few things with the Novice program and the "C" group especially:

Novice Program

We are overwhelmed by the response to our Novice program. The first session has sold out! We will try to make room for more people in subsequent sessions; registration for the next two is now open (scroll down that page to see the reg links). Novice riders should plan to start their session at 11:00 on race day, so that means signing in around 10:30 at the registration desk. On LTR2 days, you can expect to get on course for your mock race a bit later, but please be ready to roll out at 11.

C Group

Holy moly there are a lot of you this year. We have an unprecedented number of pre-registrants in all categories, but especially C. Given historic trends, we could see up to 100 C riders for the first race.