Cycling BC AGM: Members asked to vote on their right to vote

[We interrupt our regularly scheduled CX race promotion to talk to you about governance issues within Cycling BC. We regret the inconvenience, and will have more donkey pictures soon, but seriously, this is important.]

The board of Cycling BC (CBC) has proposed substantial bylaw revisions to be voted on this weekend that include a redefinition of membership. Their proposal abolishes individual voting rights and replaces members with three categories of voters: 1) CBC board members, 2) clubs, and 3) committee members appointed (and dismissed) by the board.

While other parts of the bylaws, like electronic voting, are a welcome improvement, the proposed membership structure has been deemed unacceptable by some members in BC. Escape Velocity Cycling Club’s (EV) board of directors have proposed an amendment to the CBC board’s bylaw proposal that keeps the improvements, but fixes the problems.

An open letter to the members and directors of Cycling BC

As you may know, the board of Cycling BC has proposed a substantial revision to the bylaws, to be voted on at this year's AGM.

These revisions include many important changes: making the bylaws comply with legal requirements of the BC Societies Act, and allowing electronic voting for the AGM, so all members can participate, no matter where the meeting is held.

Unfortunately, the board also wants to change who is a voting member. Under the new system, clubs would get one vote each, board members would get one vote each, and committee members appointed by the board would also get a vote. In other words, the board can control as many votes as it wants to!

We don't believe that the board has proposed this structure with any ill intention; we respect the work the staff and directors have put into Cycling BC in the past few years, and believe they have identified real issues with the present bylaws. Nonetheless, we cannot endorse the club/board/committee member model as proposed, due to the potential for abuse.

World Tuesday Night Chamionship 2014 Wrap Up

(Read more below to see instructions on claiming prizes.)

On behalf of the WTNC organizers (Ryan Cousineau, Stuart Lynne, Joseph Tam), we would like to thank all the participants of this year's edition of BC's most popular weekly race series.

The quality and success of this cycling event reflected the quality of all those who participated.

We acknowledge, and are grateful to, the many volunteers, both from within Escape Velocity/DEVO, and from Todd's Racing, Musette, and Steed Cycles cycling clubs, for their contributions that made this event possible. We would like to make a special mention for the masterful job by Wilson Tran who coordinated the 9 volunteer teams.

Congratulations to those competitors who've combined their athletic prowess and tactical brilliance to place well in our races. Those that have garnered enough points can claim a cash prize (see below).

Even though the WTNC has ended, EV/DEVO will continue organizing events into the fall; if you have failed to overcome your peers on the road, try your luck in our cyclocross events where you may be able to outrun, out-portage or out-paddle your competitors.

See you next year.