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Western Canada's Premier Youth Cycling Program

We have tons of fun and teach fantastic life skills on two wheels.

We are raising a generation of confident riders while fostering healthy & active lifestyles.


We are currently figuring out our programming for next year---if you are interested in 2024 programming please add your name to the waitlist.

DEVO Youth Programs: Welcome
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Fostering a passion for riding in our youth...

The Developmental Escape Velocity Organization (DEVO) is Vancouver’s oldest and most successful youth cycling program. Founded in 1999, it has helped launch the careers of some of Canada’s top cyclists. We offer programming for road, mountain bike, cyclocross and we work in partnership with the Burnaby Velodrome Club for track.

DEVO has grown into one of Canada’s premiere youth development cycling programs. It has fostered athlete development from novice riders up to national champions racing professionally. DEVO serves a fundamental role in rider education, providing a positive and fun team atmosphere for riders to develop not only bike skills and fitness, but also the mental skills and abilities to persevere through challenges, be part of a team, and realize both personal and team goals.

DEVO Youth Programs: Text


DEVO Youth Programs: List

TEAM DEVO ROAD - April to July

The DEVO Road Team is designed for riders who are keen to challenge themselves and have fun! This program provides weekly practices focused on skill development, group training, and fitness. This program is for athletes who would like to learn basic race cycling skills and gain fitness in a fun, challenging, safe and supportive atmosphere. This is not a program for beginner riders; riders should already be capable of mounting, dismounting, cornering, climbing, descending and have some group riding experience. Contact us if you have any questions. Athletes will be required to race EV hosted events.

GOAL: Be part of a fun club that develops life long cyclists, teaches cycling safety, and hone bike handling skills and pack riding. Inspire riders to race too!

  • Age: 11-19

  • April 3- July 27

  • Two practices per week

    • Wed eve 6-7:30PM on North Shore

    • Sat 9-11AM (or sometimes longer) usually meet at Planetarium

  • Coached by an NCCP Trained Coach & Volunteers

  • Race Support TBD as soon as the 2024 calendar takes shape

  • Price: $895 plus $200 general club membership (this registration includes a practice kit of jersey and shorts that is worth more than the reg).

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DEVO Youth Programs: List


The DEVO Mtn Bike Team is designed for athletes who can confidently ride challenging blues and up (must be able to comfortably climb and clear a trail like Espresso) and are wanting to progress their skills and fitness. The program gives instruction on technical progression over a variety of challenging terrain, including weekly skills focused sessions and adventure rides. Athletes will learn the skills and gain fitness required for both xc and enduro events. Athletes will be encouraged to attend XC and Enduro events in the lower mainland and Sea to Sky region.

GOAL: Bring together the Metro Vancouver Youth Mountain Bike Community and progress the technical skill level of riders. Develop cycling enthusiasts and local racers in xc and enduro mountain bike disciplines.

  • Age: 11-19

  • April 4 - July 28

  • Two practices per week

    • Thurs 6-7:30PM usually North Shore & sometimes other locations

    • Sun 9-11:30AM (adventure rides so the locations vary)

  • Coached by an NCCP Trained Coach & Volunteers

  • Race support TBD as soon as the 2024 calendar takes shape

  • Price: $895 plus $200 general club membership (this registration includes a practice kit of jersey and shorts that is worth more than the reg).



DEVO Youth Programs: List

DEVO Cyclocross Program

DEVO CX Program is for athletes who love cyclocross! Weekly practices support skill and fitness development for athletes age 11-19. Learn how to jump barriers, corner on grassy side hill, ride through sand pits, and more. Athletes (and parents) are encouraged to attend the weekend local VCXC events which are fun for all ages and abilities.

GOAL: Develop skilled cyclocross riders and racers. Have a lot of fun in all weather!

  • Age: 11-19

  • Early Sept to end of Nov (exact dates tbd)

  • Two practices per week (Thurs eve & Sat AM)

  • Coached by an NCCP Trained Coach & Volunteers

  • Race support TBD as soon as the 2024 calendar takes shape

  • Price: $450 (Plus $200 club membership)

  • If you are interested in this program please email:

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DEVO Youth Programs: List

Track Program run through the Burnaby Velodrome Club

The track Program works in partnership with the Burnaby Velodrome Club (BVC).

For more information please contact


'A la carte' add-ons & combo options

For Age '13+' High Performance Riders


Strength & Conditioning (S&C)

  • Jan 8 - Mar 11

  • Sept 10 - Nov 12

10 session blocks

Mondays at 7-8 PM at The Workshop Clinic Port Moody

-$100 per block


TaG Studio Workout

  • Jan 9- March 12

  • Sept 11-Nov 13

10 session blocks

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30PM at TaG Cycling North Vancouver

-$200 per block


MTB Intervals


Compliments regular MTB sessions.

Tuesdays from 6-7:30PM - North Shore Trails.



Year Round HP Progam Combo Options for age 13+

1: ROAD OR MTB + S&C + TaG, $1350

2. ROAD OR MTB + CX + S&C +TaG, $1695

3. ROAD + MTB + S&C + TaG, $2195

4. ROAD + MTB + CX + S&C + TaG, $2495


Provide a fun environment and a community for athletes to develop and learn all the necessary skills to reach their full potential as athletes and people.

We want to support the riders in whatever their goals are and give them all necessary tools, skills, fitness and experiences to compete at any stage from locally to nationally to world championships.

But most importantly, become well-rounded, resilient, problem solving, gritty, tough and KIND human beings.

DEVO Youth Programs: Text


We are passionate about getting kids on bikes and into racing. If you would like to join DEVO but have financial barriers we offer bursaries on a 'case by case' basis.

DEVO Youth Programs: Text

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