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Club Rides: Welcome


  • Regularly scheduled training rides featuring structured drills to improve fitness, endurance, group riding skills and racing tactics which prepare you to push yourself to ride farther or faster than you might on your own.

  • Year round rides
  • The best routes and destinations, crafted to cater to different skill levels and interests, are the best of what the Lower Mainland Vancouver has to offer.

  • Trained & certified ride leaders who are knowledgeable and experienced cyclists who provide guidance and mentorship. They are approachable and responsive to your questions and concerns and they prioritize your safety through the use of signals, clear communication, the following of traffic laws.

  • Affiliation with one of the most respected cycling clubs in western Canada, providing you a sense of pride and membership while riding.

  • Organized and professional operations. The club communicates effectively with members about upcoming rides, events, and other important information, keeping members up to date so you’re never left second guessing.

  • Great deals from our fantastic partners and sponsors.

  • Premium Escape Velocity jersey $150 value from KALAS, supplier to numerous world champions, including Mathieu van der Poel

  • Race & event support for select events so you’re not on your own.

  • Race & event discounts that add up so your membership can actually pay for itself.

  • Access to nationals level NCCP certified coaches

  • Proven training programs help navigate the complex field of sports science allowing you to focus on achieving goal instead of doing research.

  • Learn to ride clinics for those new to group riding. Learn group riding skills in a supportive, safe environment from experienced cyclists who provide guidance and mentorship.

  • Learn to race clinics for those new to racing. Benefit from a deep knowledge base built by race experts to build help build your race confidence and achieve peak your performance.

  • Variety of workshops, training & educational opportunities, scheduled all year round, to help members learn more about cycling-related topics, such as bike maintenance, nutrition, or race strategy.

  • Access to a rich community providing fun opportunities to meet and connect with many other riders in person and on our extensive forums which often provides the motivation and accountability to stick to a training program or to ride regularly that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

  • Invitations to social events offer an inclusive, open and friendly social environment which allow you to get to know other members off the bike.

  • Advocacy and community involvement. EV is involved in advocacy or community outreach related to cycling, such as lobbying for safer bike infrastructure or organizing bike-related events in their community

  • Opportunities to give back allow you to get involved in and make a difference.

Our calendar is listed on Team Snap. We are committed to safe return to sport.

Our usual programming offers a variety of different rides that are tailored to different fitness and experience levels. Details of our rides are subject to seasonal changes and adjustments for weather conditions.

Below is an example of how our club rides work. From April to October we generally ride on Saturdays/Sundays and once or twice during the week. The winter schedule consists of Zwifting and Saturday rides.

Saturday Rides

This Saturday club ride caters to mid-level riders (e.g., Cat 1-4) with solid group riding experience and who have an interest in training and a commitment to gradual fitness improvement.

  • Start Time: Saturday morning 8:30AM

  • Start location: Usually Olympic Plaza

  • Route: Our routes vary during good weather seasons and could include the North Shore, Lion's Bay or beyond, Buntzen Lake/Belcarra, Richmond/Surrey/Ladner, cross-border destinations, Fraser Valley. Most long rides will include rest breaks or coffee stops. During winter and bad weather days, a non-technical route will be chosen, which typically is a Richmond loop.

  • Pace: typically 28-35 km/h rolling pace (3+ hrs) with occasional structured drills thrown in. These sections will be identified by the ride leader at the start of the ride and before the drills begin. This is nominally a drop ride, although in practice, we regroup after hard sections e.g. hills, mishaps and mechanical problem.


Sunday Leisure Rides (these rides do not run in winter-we will make the Saturday rides more mellow instead).

This ride is the best choice for new riders looking to gain confidence and skills riding in a group. It’s also for EV members who enjoy riding at a slightly more relaxed pace or who are at an earlier stage in their annual training. Part instruction, skills practice and road riding, this is a no drop ride with an emphasis on cycling safely and structured pack pacelines from our experienced coach and ride leaders.

  • Start Time: Saturday morning 9am

  • Start location: TBD

  • Route: varies but typically will not be longer than what you can cover in 3 hours.

  • Pace: chosen by ride leader but not intended to put anyone into the hurt zone.


Weekday Rides

EV also organize weekday rides for established members, usually on a Tuesday or Thursday night, depending on the season.


Our Saturday and weekday rides are for experienced riders. If you wish to participate in these rides you must have confident bike handling skills and be comfortable riding in a pack. Take a look at our skills checklist.

Club Rides: Text

Want to try out a club ride to see if you want to roll with us? 

Contact Bryan at:

You will be required to fill out a Cycling BC waiver

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