Always wanted to race but don't know how to get started?

We'll teach you what you need what you need to know in a non intimidating environment.


LTR details for 2022 coming soon!

The goal of Learn to Race at Escape Velocity (LTR@EV) is to evaluate riding skills, to practice and provide the necessary group and individual riding abilities for safety and to provide the confidence required to race to the best of your ability.

This program is designed for first-time racers, triathletes needing draft-clinic credits, and experienced riders that would like to brush up on race specific skills needed to compete effectively.

LTR 1 is a skills clinic, where riders learn the basics of road racing. Safety, practice and evaluation of group riding, advanced race riding in the peloton, drafting and cornering at race speed, race starts and making it to the finish line successfully.

LTR 2 begins with a short review, continues with ‘race experience’ and concludes with a practice event on course in a controlled environment. A PASS grade must be achieved to be allowed to enter Escape Velocity Spring Series events and/or the WTNC series.

This clinic is required for Road Races and criterium racing only. Those who wish to participate in Time Trial events can do so without participating in this clinic.

*Note: LTR 1 is a pre-requisite to LTR 2.

All first-time racers, provincial-license holders, and those who have not raced within the last five years, MUST complete and earn a passing grade to be allowed to race at any of the Escape Velocity Spring Series events or the World Tuesday Night Championships. We will also accept proof of completion of an equivalent LTR clinic run by another cycling club.

Equipment that is required for your participation:

  • Bring your UCI draft legal drop-bar road bike, disc brakes are allowed, (no TT or triathlon-specific bikes or flat-bar bikes).

  • Helmet

  • Dress/Apparel - Please dress appropriately for the forecast. Clinics will be held in all weather conditions.

  • Fenders MUST be removed