Always wanted to race but don't know how to get started?

We'll teach you what you need what you need to know in a non intimidating environment.


LTR 2022

WTNC Prep Course: June 18 (4-6PM)  AND June 21  (6-8 PM) at Glenlyon Parkway

This program is designed for new bike racers or as a brush up to renew your skills if it’s been a couple of years.  It is a prerequisite for the WTNC; World Tuesday Night Championships. It aligns with the Cycling BC ROAD 54 program to provide race specific skills required to compete safely and effectively. Riders who also plan for mass group start events, such as fondo’s, will find this extremely beneficial.

Session  1 (June 18) is a skills clinic, where riders practice various skills useful for mass start events; ABC’s of group riding, cornering with other riders, bike handling techniques in a criterium, start and finish line procedures. Sprint technique in a race group.

Learn how to:

  • Touch tires (on grass)

  • Shoulder bumping

  • Move up in a group

  • Paceline

  • Rotating Paceline

  • Pedal out of the saddle.


Session 2 (June 21) begins with registering for the race, warming up and competing with a coach in your group who will evaluate your abilities and provide tips post race.

Session 1 will be held rain (coaches discretion) or shine, Week 2 as weather permits, according to the race director.


  • Cycling BC license is mandatory

  • Bring your UCI draft legal drop-bar road bike, no TT or triathlon-specific bikes or flat-bar bikes).

  • Helmet

  • Dress/Apparel - Please dress appropriately for the forecast. Clinics will be held in all weather conditions.

  • Fenders MUST be removed


Price is $50 and includes entry to your first race. Women are FREE...